About Van Lennep

Gerard van Lennep is the driving force behind the success of the company. The company is known for its personal touch and unorthodox attitude. This has led Van Lennep and his clients to award-winning ideas in Dutch entertainment. The general public knows Van Lennep for his sharp and funny comments on every day life in his weekly columns in the two leading evening papers, glossies and best-selling magazines.

Well known productions for television are, among others, Koefnoen, Glamourland and Dit was het Nieuws (This was the news). Many of the now famous artists, writers, actors, film-makers, cartoonists and directors have blossomed in Van Lennep Producties or its subsidiaries like Agents After All. To name a few: Ramses Shaffy, Rijk de Gooyer, Karel Appel, Katja Schuurman, Kamagurka en Eddy Terstall; all out-of-the-box artists who could relate to Van Lennep’s concise ideas.