Glamourland won the Golden Rose of Montreux. This humorous program, aimed at Upper Class Holland, was originated, directed and sold to the AVRO by Van Lennep. Several specials were made in Hollywood, Las Vegas and the Dutch Antilles. Originally the AVRO wanted 32 shows, but van Lennep chose for only 10 per year, to keep a high standard.

In Voor- en Tegenspoed

In Voor- en Tegenspoed (Till Death Us Do Part). This long-running series, written by Johnny Speight of All in the Family, was sold to the VARA Television and rewritten for the Netherlands by Van Lennep, his client Rijk de Gooyer in the lead part. It was aired twice.


Two broadcasting companies asked van Lennep to set up the British program Rallycross for the Netherlands. Van Lennep founded the Rallycross Organisation (he was General Secretary), wrote the rules, and put up security measures thus severe that in 10 years of overturning and burning cars, no one was hurt. The AVRO-program was a huge success: over 3 million viewers watched every sunday afternoon.

Dit Was Het Nieuws

Dit Was Het Nieuws (Have I got news for you). Again the AVRO asked van Lennep to set up this programme for the Netherlands. He decided that the show should be made by stand-up comedians, and with the help of The Comedy Train and Raoul Heertje he made 13 try out programs (for the price of 3!).
It is still a continuing success on television.


Koefnoen won the most prestigious price in television: the Nipkowschijf and was produced by Human Factor, a production company partly owned by Van Lennep. It is written by two comedians, who were clients of Van Lennep at the time. This program is still a great success and again van Lennep advised not to make more than 8 shows per year.

Poets en Bananasplit

These candid-camera shows were presented and partly written by Van Lennep. Old scenes are continuously shown again on Dutch television.